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Cordyceps Mycelium
500mg - 60 capsules

“The Olympic Mushroom”

Did you know?

Cordyceps began to garner attention around the globe after the 1993 Olympics world record breaking performances of Chinese athletes. Their secret? A nutritional regime that included - you guessed it - cordyceps.

These cheetoh-looking ‘shrooms have become one of the most popular medicinal mushrooms in the US due to its purported ability to help with energy support, lower stress levels, increase endurance and stamina by increasing oxygen uptake, and may also help with libido after prolonged use.

Originally discovered by Tibetan herdsmen working at high altitudes, they took cordyceps to overcome the effects of low oxygen levels - helping to improve their energy, stamina, and endurance at altitude.

Since then, cordyceps have been used for their medicinal and therapeutic properties for over a thousand years.

Cordyceps support: 

  • Energy levels and stamina

  • Improve endurance and physical performance

  • A healthy libido

  • Recovery from exercise

  • Stress and mood

Cordyceps contain a multitude of naturally occurring compounds that may help improve the availability of oxygen in the blood, increasing time to exertion and helping with overall endurance and recovery.

Like other functional mushrooms, cordyceps contain beta-glucans. Beta-glucans are a type of complex polysaccharides that have a vast range of potential health benefits. Cordyceps are also rich in a compound called cordycepin; a compound that plays a role in many of the supportive qualities of cordyceps including energy and mood. Animal models even suggest that it produces robust antidepressant effects.

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